Forwards… Conspiracy or Fact?

An interesting idea was brought up in my media class today regarding  “forwarded” emails and their validity. Being a free thinker, and rarely adhering to one school of thought over the other the idea caused me to ponder.

Are all forwarded emails filled with outrageous meanderings? The example used in class was regarding an email that stated lemons could cure cancer. Whether or not lemons carry a high level of beta carotene that will inevitably fight cancer, and radically change the health industry is not the question.

The validity of information however is, so who do you trust? We live in an age of mass communication where one idea can hit the Internet in seconds reaching billions of people in minutes if not seconds. Do we follow the “believe it when I see it ” philospohy? Do we fact check every email we peruse? Do we become naive, and assume every fact given to us by reputable sources is indeed guaranteed and proven? Do we bow to the corporate machine unyieldingly assuming that our health and happiness is their main goal, and not the “all mighty” dollar?

In an age where online encyclopedia’s rule our facts, and the truth is what we make of it, whom do we trust? At what point does a society become powerless against the powers that be accepting every fact given as gospel truth? Or on the contrary, when do we become so paranoid that trust is a nonexistent anchor sweeping us through an ocean of paranoia?
Do we eat more lemons assuming that pharmaceutical companies make more money than any other institutions in the world, and our well being is not in their best interest? Or do laugh off the lemon idea as we gulp a Coke Zero with all the alacrity we can muster guffawing away while we delete every forward we see?

The mind wanders, does yours?

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