GUI Evolution

In a recent chapter by Negroponte the discussion of a user interface for computers, electronic devices, and even cellphones is brought to the readers attention. The streamlining of intelligent computer interfaces with human end-users is something the author truly strives for in this technological age. In our ,ives we are in constant contact with computers whether they are our smartphones, PC’s or even our microwaves bits of information are accessed and used via an interface. Not all of the devices we use are currently GUI’s, but many devices are moving in that direction.

Even refrigerators are moving towards using GUIs to enable users to access and utilize their devices better. ASUS has even introduced a GUI Bios this past year moving away from the code based BIOS which was traditionally installed on the company’s motherboards. Negroponte brings up an important point in his article when he discusses how the evolution of the GUI will bring about ease of use in many devices. Operating systems are definitely evolving bringing more advanced technology from the surface of the screen to how to interact with the GUI.

For example, Microsoft is developing and implementing a version of Windows that will allow users to touch and move objects on flat tables are hard surfaces. Suraface is a version of Windows that allows the users to access information and computing power from a tabletop GUI which Microsoft plans to distribute not only to businesses, but to personal computing solutions as well.

Microsoft is not the only company trying to move into a more advanced form of GUI usage. MIT students have been developing a version of the air mouse which they call a glove  mouse .


The glove  mouse  is similar to something out of the movie Minority Report where gloves worn by end users can interact with the GUI installed on computers. Fantasy evolving to reality is not unknown in technology circles, and seeing yet another instance of this is not at all surprising. Clothing and tabletop projections of GUIs will not be the last steps in the evolution of GUI’s in the near future more user friendly GUIs will contionue to develop for years to come.



The trend can also be seen in the console gaming systems where how the user interacts with consoles has also changed. The development of Milo by Lionhead studios has also created a difference in how the GUI interacts with the end-user as well. Milo is the basis for a new Xbox Kinect language that will enable two way conversations between characters and gamers. Milo is able to sense players moods, receive files, and interact with individuals playing the console system. The usage of languages and program applications similar to Milo will become groundbreaking technology that will further the interfaces of most gaming systems, and may even bring about complete revolution in how people interact with machines. Negroponte’s idea that computers should interface with people as people is something that very well may come to pass over the next decade.


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