New Media Literacies


Dr. Henry Jenkins, MIT professor and convergence media guru discusses his take on the social changes taking place in our society. I found Dr. Jenkins discussion of convergence culture and transmedia projects very interesting.

I believe that Dr. Jenkins’ statement regarding “big brother” to be profound: Dr. Jenkins explains how as a culture we one feared that “big brother” was watching us, but now in this technology saturated culture it is us who is watching “big brother”with our cellphones and cameras.

His comments about how our convergent culture has changed from being a culture with an oral history to one that’s stories are trademarked and copy written was also enlightening. I believe that is why so many of the younger generation balk at the restraint on media such as music, art, and movies. Our history and stories are being completely controlled by license, copyright, and trademarks. Will history be written by the richest or the one with the best advertising campaign?

New media literacy can be defined as teaching and learning skills that helps one to navigate in a digitally driven society. In the video a sampling of some of these skills are judgment, negotiation, appropriation, play, and collective intelligence. The skills help those using new media to make appropriate decisions, share content with others, and overall connect with society via new media tools and websites.

I loved the pace of the video as each skill-set is mentioned the speed of the video is increased. I felt this was probably akin to what many new media immigrants might have felt when they first began engaging in various new media technologies. The overwhelming amount of information that needed to be processed and returned can be somewhat daunting for many. On the other hand, I amazed at how many people I see who are elderly or of another generation that have begun texting, engaging in Facebook, and sharing on YouTube. I believe it is like any societal change there will always be those who take to it rapidly while others will ease into the role.






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