Lights, Camera, Virtual Action ?

Our group is wrapping our video project for our CMC class this week. It has been a fun experience of mixing everyone’s talents and skills. I love writing and being able to add some narration to the short video has been lots of fun. Overall, the video itself has just been a blast to create whether we are meeting in person or virtually on text and Google doc, my team has been great!

I do not want to reveal too much about our video as we are keeping it a surprise for our class. Overall the class has been a lot of fun, and one of my favorites this year. I love the discussion whether it is one of a serious nature, or something as light-hearted as the meme, Charlie the Unicorn. Our goal with this project was to create a similar feel in our video as we have in the class- something fun and possibly viral.

I have learned a great deal from our group as both my team mates are very informed of a lot of the social media and software programs we used to create our films. Watching Oz using Adobe Premiere has definitely increased my interest in conquering that bit of software to add to my own repertoire.

I think what we would like for the class to take away from our video is fun and humor. While we also want to inform the class how we created our video,and hopefully encourage them to want to learn more about the software and other tools we used to create our project as well.

I know what I have taken from the project is knowledge, a sense of teamwork, and inspiration to do more short films with my youngest son. I think that creating memes, blogs, and other social media formats leaves our mark on history even if it is a small mark.


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