Researching Freenets

I decided to take on the daunting task of exploring the hidden Internet, or as some call it the Internet 2. It is a place that I know of from certain circles that I travel, and I have very mixed feelings about its existence. Why would I have such misgivings it is only the Internet part deux- right? Or is it more than just an extension of mass communication?

I believe that the Freenet or Darknet as it is sometimes called is symbolic in its own right representing what is not only wrong with our current country, but society as a whole. The creation of this free-for-all anything goes seedy black market of web space was brought about for one reason alone-censorship. The reason behind creating the Freenet I believe is completely justified and warranted where I tend to have my reservations is what is on the Freenet which is what I will discuss in my upcoming paper for my CMC course.

I plan to outline both the pros and cons of having an unregulated source of information, and delve into the reasons for its appearance. I will look into how its existence effects the country and the world. I also plan to illustrate how the age old debate of the First Amendment is alive and blazing this time flags are not being burned, but our morality is.

I have my research in hand, and now the hard part is just putting it all together in some form of logical and entertaining format for the world to read! And so the toil begins…


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