Watch out for this Scorpion

If you watched the Super Bowl this year than the Fiat commercial touting a super sleek Italian number draped in black and red probably got your heart pumping, and the model wasn’t bad either! That is right boys and girls the Italian based, Chrysler partner, has regaled us with a super steamy ad campaign during this year’s game. Fiat, is trying to regain a foothold in the US after closing its doors in the States during World War I due to cumbersome US regulations. Teaming up with Chrysler, Fiat no longer supplying machine guns, airplane engines, or trucks to antiquated global conflicts, wants to make use of the Chrysler partnership to bring a low cost fuel efficient vehicle to North America. Maintaining a strong presence in Latin America, Italy, and several other European markets the expansion to North America makes complete sense. Fiat’s presence in the United States has always remained one akin to Lamborghini, Ferrari and other high end luxury cars. However, Fiat wants to break out of its current niche, and return to its original intentions of the early 20th century, providing quality vehicles for the masses.

The Super Bowl ad this year was just one way Fiat plans to set their sights on the American market. The saucy ad created quite a buzz online according to Paul Lienert of and :

     “Edmunds measured real-time traffic increases to advertisers’ model pages at seven    different periods during the game: The start of the game (the end of the pre-game analysis), the end of the first quarter, the end of the second quarter, the beginning of the third quarter, the end of the third quarter, the end of the fourth quarter and the end of the post-game show.

For the evening, Fiat had the highest cumulative increase in model page traffic, with a rise in activity of 138 percent directed toward the Fiat 500. Lexus was next, with a rise in activity of 102 percent directed toward the Lexus GS 350, followed by Chevrolet, with a rise in activity of 95 percent directed toward the Chevrolet Sonic” (Lienert 1).

The Fiat ad was not only successful in terms of online hits on its homepage, but even celebrities like Joshua Gates of SyFy fames, and  sports caster Nick Wright were tweeting  of their desire to become spokesman or endorsers for Fiat according to Huffington Post   as seen below:

The gorgeous model, Catrinel Menghia, entices us with her Italian monologue with Fiat’s first Super Bowl ad on Sunday night. The ad received 6 million hits on YouTube receiving YouTube’s Recently Most Popular Bronze medal and a Silver Trending medal during Super Bowl weekend. While a partner of Chrysler whose ad campaign was more serious and thought provoking, Fiat’s ad boosted its online web traffic considerably more, proving that the Abarth’s sting was more formidable.



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