Take the Lead

In looking upon what kind of brand I wanted to create for myself, I had to do a lot of soul searching to determine how  I wanted to be represented as a product and an employee. I realized that much of my personality and attitude is already out on the web and really determines the direction my brand has already taken.

I am a hard- working individual who often puts work before anything else as I tend to be like an arrow to target when I am passionate about something. I do not neglect my family by any means, but when I am passionate about work I must in fact do it and do it well.

I am an outspoken person who has no problem speaking her mind or throwing out ideas within group meetings, but I am also a great team member often going beyond what is expected of me. I love o take on the leadership role of a group, but can easily shift to a less dominant role if needed. I am definitely a team player, and that is by far one of my strongest attributes.

When deciding on how  I wanted to represent myself in the job place I thought back to when I was studying medicine both in New York and Dallas, and why  I changed my mind, moving to the Gaming Industry. At my very core,  I am an artist it is what drives me and makes me happy. Whether the art form is traditional, mechanical, or virtual,  I simply love art and its creation. I revel in being a part of making beautiful things, and having other people appreciate and revel in them as I do.

Some of my personal hobbies revolve around artwork as well. I create and manage a small jewelry company that I run from the Etsy.com website.  I love to work with jewelry, and creating beautifully crafted pieces that my clients are happy with is very rewarding for me. Working so often with digital media, sometimes it is nice to just put the mouse down and grab a pair of pliers, but whether the media is physical or digital art is important to who I am.

I am also an intelligent woman who loves to solve problems and trouble-shoot issues whether they are a psychological, medical, or mechanical which is in part why  I was studying medicine, and why I worked in the IT support industry for years. Combining both my intellect and my artistic skills mix that with a bit of problem-solving and – Voila- level designer extraordinaire!

I have many strengths including leadership, team cooperation, communication, strong work ethic, and the ability to take criticism, but I have a few weakness as well. I think one of the most profound weaknesses I have is being able to say what is and is not within my scope of accomplishing. I love to help other people, and oftentimes I take on more than  I am capable of doing for I hate to tell someone that I cannot do something.

I also feel that managing my time is another area in which I have some weakness. I believe that I could often spend my time between family, work and networking opportunities a bit better to allow me to balance all of the important things in my life.

In maintaining the brand of Daedra Evans,  I will strive to remedy my weaknesses, play up my strengths, and let the business world know how important  I could be to their company and team.


I think that the opportunities for my brand will continue to grow as  I strive to reach out to local Gaming companies within DFW, and show them how someone with vision and artistic passion can help them to build better levels and more aesthetically pleasing designs.  I also believe opportunities will open for my brand when employers realize that will the right combination of intelligence, appreciation for the arts, and the ability to effectively solve problems will create an excellent  level designer which is definitely what I bring to the table.

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